12 Reasons to Welcome Renewable Energy

There are plenty of reasons to embrace renewable energy to supply our future energy needs. Here are the 12 best ones I can think of.

  1. It enables the UK to meet its lawful commitments to the EU and UK parliaments.
  2. It is sustainable.
  3. It is non-polluting with minimal detrimental effects
  4. It has the support of 70% – 80% of the general public
  5. It offers assured and secure energy supply once installed, immune from financial market volatility and political machinations.
  6. It is democratic in that anybody can be a generator of electricity and secure their own supply or a group can secure a supply for their community.
  7. It is already cost effective now and will become cheaper compared to fossil fuel generation in the future.
  8. It creates more well paid jobs throughout its supply chain than fossil fuel generation.
  9. It supports the local economy more than fossil fuel generation.
  10. It increases competition between many generators and negates price fixing by a handful of dominating supply companies.
  11. It engages consumers more directly to encourage electricity demand reduction and the uptake of energy efficiency measures
  12. Its technological approach attracts a wide range of innovators to increase efficiency and reduce cost.