Supertrees coming to Chester?


Supertrees are the name that has been coined for the metal structures in the Gardens by the Bay project in Singapore that are used to support climbing plants to increase biodiversity in the largely man-made environment of Singapore. The prefabricated metal vertical gardens are between 25 and 50 metres in height and it is the brain child of Steve Hughes to bring supertrees to Chester, albeit on a less grand scale. Steve’s inspiration from the Singapore gardens has set him on a course to bring supertrees to Chester and his plans to make it happen are already well developed. The aim of the project would be to raise awareness and initiate a conversation of how the city of Chester can improve its commitment to environmental issues, including biodiversity, reducing air pollution and improving city landscapes. It would be a community based project, funded by Steve himself, local businesses, community groups and individuals.

The metal structures provide visual impact and act as support for a variety of climbing plants. The cost estimate for the purchase of 3 supertrees, 3 – 5m in height, is around £7,000. Steve has run many marathons and to raise funds for the scheme is going to run 7 marathons in 7 days in 7 countries starting on the 7th of July this year. The company he works for has indicated that they will match fund the money he can raise.

Steve has already attracted interested parties to the project including CWAC, Chester Zoo, Mersey Forest and community groups in and around Chester. He has been in promising talks with others to site his project within the large roundabout near the new bus station at Gorse Stacks. This site is in need of regeneration and it would be timely to introduce the supertrees into an updated landscaping scheme for the site.

If you would like to support this imaginative and inspiring project you can do so by donating at the “justgiving” website at

and you can contact Steve on