Chris Matheson at Northgate

Chester welcomes the return of Chris Matheson as the MP for Chester with a much improved majority. Members of Transition met Chris in August 2015 to discuss points of common interest. Chris was enthusiastic about sustainability and said he would support us in projects aimed at a reduction in waste, reduction in carbon emissions and an increase in the generation of renewable energy. He has helped us to raise the profile of Chester Community Energy with several photo shots and attended Transition events. We have found, like so many other individuals and organisations in Chester, that Chris is very approachable and focused on achieving results that benefit Chester and the people living in Chester. We look forward to working with him in the future and being a member of the Sustainability Forum that Chris has set up with Colin Watson of the Green Party. We are very lucky in Chester to have an MP and Council that support the aspirations of the Transition movement to reduce our dependency on the hydrocarbon economy and work together for an energy system that is non-polluting, sustainable, affordable and accessible to everybody.