Garden Quarter Energy Efficiency

GQ Bouverie Street

Bouverie Street

A new and challenging project has recently started in the Garden Quarter of Chester to investigate if improvements in household energy efficiency are necessary and possible in the ward. Arnold is working closely with the Garden Quarter Association and the University of Chester to research  the need for energy efficiency improvements by delivering a questionnaire to over 800 of the older properties in the ward. Although statistics from the last census suggest that 22% of the homes in the Garden Quarter fall within the definition of fuel poverty, further research is necessary in order to identify the properties and verify the statistics. Unfortunately, only a small return of completed questionnaires has been made so that no conclusions could be made and further research is required. Now measures are being investigated to provide incentives to residents to provide the information needed to progress the project and engage with the people who are willing to be helped. Amongst other measures, these will include giving advice, carrying out energy assessments and ultimately it is hoped to carry out measures to improve thermal insulation in their houses. This is a long term project and Arnold is to be commended for undertaking such a daunting task.