Apple Press

Transition Chester has an Apple press that is available for hire by Individuals, Community Groups and Schools in the Chester area.

Apple Juice tasting

We also loan out associated equipment to enable you to make good use of apples at harvest time. This includes choppers and cutting mats, a ‘scratter’ for making pulp out of the chopped apples, a ‘workmate’ stand for the press, buckets and jugs.

All you have to supply are the apples and your effort to produce delicious apple juice that you can drink straight away, freeze, pasteurise and bottle or turn into cider.

The press and equipment is manually operated and safe to use with children under supervision and is an ideal way to enhance a community event in the autumn, or to support your cross-curriculum topics at your school or even just to ensure that the inevitable surplus of apples is not wasted!

We make a charge of £10 per day to private individuals and schools to hire the equipment but for any public community event we do not make a charge , since we want to support voluntary community activity that brings people together.

You can book the press online via the button below.

Choose your date, check that the press is available and fill in your details on the online booking form. You will normally receive a confirmation within a day of your booking.

You will need to collect the press and equipment from an address in Hoole, Chester.

A medium sized hatchback with fold down rear seats is normally large enough

Book the apple press

Public Apple Pressings

Have a look to see where we hope to be running public apple pressings in Chester this coming apple season. You will be able to bring your own apples and use our equipment to make your own juice to take away!

(Don’t forget to bring your own containers!!)

When it is clearer what the implications of the Covid-19 public health measures are we will be publishing details of our proposed public pressings widely.