Join the Revolution

The future of energy is the renewable generation of electricity. In the future, burning coal or gas will be as obsolete as the steam engine. The key questions are how long will the transition to renewables take and how will renewables guarantee security of supply. The answer to these questions is not known . Some countries like Germany and Denmark are confident they can reach 85% – 95% of their total energy needs (electricity, heating and transport) from renewables by 2050. The UK has been more conservative in its target setting, committing to achieving 50% of its total energy needs from renewables  by 2050. Under the EU Renewables Directive, the UK has an intermediate target to produce 15% of its total energy from renewable sources by 2020. At the moment just over half that figure (8%) has been achieved. Most of the gains have been from electricity generation, some from heating and hardly any from transport. During the coalition government from 2010 – 2015, government policy and incentives provided investment confidence and the renewable generation industry achieved strong growth of 24% year on year. It also saw rapid growth in community energy projects and the uptake of domestic solar panels. Since the present Conservative government has been in power, this momentum has been lost as government has turned to nuclear and fracking at the expense of renewables. However, the popularity of renewables remains, as does the passion and commitment of everybody engaged in the renewables revolution, from mega corporations to a single home owner. Renewable energy’s time has come and there is no turning back the clock. The public want clean energy and the motivation, investment, technology and most of all, the enthusiasm to make it happen are all here now. Join the revolution!