New Environmental Forum for Chester

A new environmental/sustainability group has been set up as a result of the Labour Party and the Green Party collaborating in the last general election. The two parties agreed that the Green Party would not stand a candidate so that Chris Matheson would benefit from the majority of green votes in the constituency of Chester. This collaboration is to continue with the establishment of the Chester Sustainability Forum Chester.

The objective of the group is that representatives from environmental groups, businesses, political parties and CWAC officers, collaborate with a common purpose to improve the environmental sustainability of Chester and its surrounding area. The loose geographical area that will be covered is the boundary of the City of Chester Constituency.

The forum will have five formal meetings a year. Each formal meeting will have a theme agreed at the previous Forum. The meetings will be held on a Thursday evening at a date to best fit with the Annual Council Agenda. Prior to each meeting, a one paragraph report will be required from each group to keep everyone abreast of what is going on, and to make the meeting as efficient as possible given the limited time available. The meetings will be action oriented, and a log of the actions will be maintained by the Secretary.

The Chairing of the meetings are expected to be shared between Chris Matheson MP and Colin Watson. CW&C will be represented by cabinet member for the environment – Karen Shore. The Secretary is Colin Watson.

Members are the Conservative Party – being arranged, Labour Party – Matt Bryan, Liberal Party – Paul Roberts, CW&C Officers – Peter Bulmer, Chester Community Energy – Steve Savory, Chester Cycle Campaign – Simon Brown, Chester Transition – Graham Booth, Chester University (Carbon Reduction Unit) – Colin to arrange, Chester Weir Hydroelectric Scheme – Niall Mafadyen, Cheshire Waste Reduction Volunteers – Margaret Warren, CPRE – Jim Cameron, Friends of North Chester Greenbelt – Andy Scargill, FoE – Pete Benson, Frack Free Upton – Phil Combe, Sustainable Solutions Ltd – Sue Lightfoot, TravelWatch NW – Daniel Gordon, Businesses – Colin to arrange,

The first meeting was held on the 13 July2017 and the second is scheduled for 28 September 2017.