Chester Community Energy has worked with a Welsh Community Energy organisation, Ynni Teg, and a renewable energy developer, on a large solar farm on the England/Wales border near Broughton.

The location of the site, until recently, has been confidential.

However, the project has now been developed to a stage where it has been made public and outline information is available on the Ynni Teg website.

As the project moves into the planning and detailed feasibility stages, it will be important to engage with, and consult the local communities on both sides of the border.

More detailed information on the project will be made available at a later stage, however, Chester Community Energy would welcome further input from members on the initial concept.

This applies in particular to those Chester Community Energy members living, working in, or with other connections in North Wales. Also those in other parts of the North West of England, as a project on this scale will require wider partnerships in terms of raising finance and other support.

This is an exciting and major opportunity for community energy, with the potential for significant carbon reduction and community benefit.