Waste reduction for beginners

If you’ve made the decision to reduce your waste by reusing, recycling and composting as much as you can, where do you start?

Here are our top ten tips for reducing household waste!

1- Find out what recyclable materials can be collected from your kerbside and make it your goal to recycle as much as you can. Check out the Recycle Now website to find details or contact your local council.

2- Find out where your local recycling facilities are and see if you could start taking some things there when you are out and about.

3- Stop taking new disposable carrier bags from the shops. Either reuse your own or buy  recycled reusable shopping bags.

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4- Stop junk mail coming into your home with the Junkbuster website.

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5- Set up a recycling centre in your home. Use old boxes, crates or bags in a place that is convenient for you to store things.

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6- Check this freecycle, SnaffleUp, eBay and Ooffoo if you have items in your home or garage that you no longer want. If you’ve got books to get rid of then try Amazon or Green metrolopolis.

7- Carefully open, store and reuse any envelopes or packaging that comes into your home.

8- Buy loose fruit and vegetables from the shop. Why not check out your local farmers market or sign up for a vegetable box scheme?

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9- Start a compost heap! By doing this you will divert valuable food waste from the landfill and get some rich food for your soil.

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10- Switch to paperless billing. This will reduce your paper footprint and might save you money too!

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